Whatever your needs, M1 Gaming Consultants can help you drive revenues, control expenses, or build a team to tackle the issues and prescribe the most appropriate solution.

M1 Gaming is ready to meet with your team to review any project that is keeping your operation from meeting its full potential. Our team of seasoned casino executives holds between 15 to 25+ years each of direct casino operations experience at the highest executive levels.

Our Advisory Services focus the following disciplines:


  • Gaming Floor Analysis & Reconfiguration
  • Hotel Operations
  • Food & Beverage
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities

Marketing, Sales & Advertising

  •  Market Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Advertising & Branding
  • Slot Marketing
  • Promotions, Tournaments & Special Events
  • Database Marketing

 Human Resource Assets

  •  Recruitment & Training
  • Labor & Scheduling Analysis
  • Service Analysis

 Finance & Accounting

  • Budget Projection & Analysis
  • Profit Margin Controls

Airport Gaming Consultants:

Another unique area of expertise that we possess is Airport Gaming Consulting. There are only 4 airports in the world that currently offer gaming. Being based in Las Vegas, we are one of the few companies that have experience in Airport Gaming.